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Ringworm is a fungal infection that usually causes a red or scaly ring on the skin. Although not serious, ringworm is a contagious condition and can be both itchy and uncomfortable. If you’re suffering from ringworm, help is at hand. Our professional team at The Dermatology Clinic has vast experience in treating the condition and can use a number of fast-acting techniques to reduce your symptoms and help you feel better.

About ringworm

Ringworm, also known as tinea, is a common infection that affects 10-20 percent of the population. Despite the name, ringworm is a fungal infection and is not caused by worms. The fungi that cause ringworm are known as dermatophytes and there are around 40 different species of them.

As a contagious infection, you can catch ringworm from sharing belongings with someone who is infected. The disease can also be passed from animals to humans.

Various parts of the body can be affected by ringworm and you may have heard it referred to by different names, for example athlete’s foot is ringworm of the foot.

Diagnosing ringworm

The symptoms of ringworm tend to reveal the nature of the infection straight away, but it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis so you receive the right treatment. Our dermatologists are trained in dealing with all manner of skin infections and are qualified to make an accurate diagnosis. In most cases, a scraping of your skin it taken and sent for examination under a microscope and then the lab will try to grow fungus from the sample to find out what species it is.

How is ringworm treated?

If you have symptoms of ringworm, you might have found that antifungal products can be bought over the counter. However, some cases of ringworm don’t respond to non-prescription creams and you should always seek professional help as you might need oral medication. At The Dermatology Clinic, we can prescribe treatment specific to your case.

If you have signs of ringworm on your scalp or nails, it’s important to see a dermatologist. This type of ringworm will not respond to over the counter treatment and oral prescription medication is needed for at least one to three months.

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