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Around 50 percent of males begin to lose their hair by the age of 50, but there is another type of hair loss that can occur at any age and affect both male and female patients. Alopecia areata is not a life-threatening condition, but losing your hair can strongly affect your confidence and have a major impact on your personal and social life. If alopecia is causing you psychological stress, help is available.

Dr Daniel Glass and his team are highly qualified dermatologists trained to treat hair loss. We can help you regain your confidence through specific hair loss treatments based on your individual condition.

About alopecia areata

If you have alopecia areata, it might be because your immune system is mistakenly attacking your hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. Hair is typically lost in clumps in this case, leaving bare patches on the scalp. Sometimes, however, the hair grows and breaks off, leaving short strands. In rare cases, alopecia areata can lead to hair loss on other parts of the body.

The cause of alopecia areata is not clear, but it has been linked to other autoimmune disorders including:

  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Vitiligo

Alopecia areata has also been associated with stress.

Treating alopecia areata

At The Dermatology Clinic, we offer a variety of approaches for alopecia areata. Treatments vary depending on the nature of your hair loss, your health status and your own preferences. You will have the freedom to choose your preferred course of treatment after discussing each option with one of our consultant dermatologists.

Intralesional steroid injections

You might decide on this treatment if you have limited hair loss. These injections promote faster hair growth and are repeated at regular intervals.

Oral steroids

If your alopecia areata is more severe, we may occasionally suggest oral steroids to speed up your hair growth.

Topical immunotherapy and phototherapy

You may not benefit much from steroids if your hair loss is very severe, but topical immunotherapy applied directly to the scalp can be very effective. Phototherapy using an ultraviolet B light can also encourage faster hair growth.

Dithranol cream

Dithranol cream is another option. If you choose this treatment, one of our dermatologists will prescribe the cream and you can apply it onto the patches to stimulate hair growth. There are also alternative steroid creams, which we will discuss with you during your appointment.

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Hair loss can be a very distressing problem with a major impact on your life, but treatment with our professional team really can make a huge difference. Contact The Dermatology Clinic today to arrange a consultation for alopecia areata treatment.