The Dermatology Scholarship at The Dermatology Clinic, London

Our skin is the largest human organ, and protecting it is incredibly important. Many habits we have can end up doing harm to our skin without us realising it, leaving us open to dermatological conditions both superficial and harmful later in life. To help raise awareness about healthy skin care, we at The Dermatology Clinic, London have launched The Dermatology Scholarship, a scholarship contest to encourage people to take better care of their skin. The best entry will win a £1000 scholarship to help the winner see themselves through higher education.

Who is Eligible to Enter?

This is an open contest for any student in year 11 at high school, as well as any student accepted or currently enrolled at a college, vocational school or university.

The Requirements for Entry

To enter, write a 500-word essay describing healthy skin care habits. Please make as clear as possible in your entry the benefits of a healthy skin care regimen and the potential effects of habits that damage skin should also be made as clear as possible.

Judging Your Entries

Every essay will be judged on not only the dermatological accuracy of the content but also how creative the piece is so do not be afraid to push the boat out.

Entering the Scholarship Contest

Once you have completed your 500 word essay, send it to Make sure to include your name, telephone number, address and the course you are studying and where you are studying it in your entry.

Deadlines for Entry:

We will close our contest at midnight on 1st June 2017. After this date no entries will be accepted.

The quality of submissions is expected to be very high and as a result we at The Dermatology Clinic will go over every entry individually before we consider choosing a winner. Once we have made a choice the winner will be announced. Please note that all decisions are final.

Thank you for choosing to take part in The Dermatology Scholarship Contest! We here at The Dermatology Clinic in London wish to wish you the best of luck!